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The Best Shuk

The Best Shuk has been a global online shop for since 2018. Our aim is to always provide high value trendy pieces at incredible prices while ensuring high quality service to our customers. We find premium vendors, source, market and sell Electronics, Appliances, Accessories and Home & living products. We target our items to young fashionable consumers through localized mobile and web platforms. We deliver from our warehouses in Israel.

Our Promise

The Best Shuk is deeply dedicated to the ethical and humane production of every one our products. We will tolerate nothing less. Every supplier signs a binding letter of agreement to heed to the highest production standards, and we enforce those standards. We make no compromises in ethical production, and will correct any issues the moment we hear of them. The Best Shuk's goal is to provide our customers with items that are ethically produced, fashionable, fun, and well-priced.

Customer care

We’re not happy till you are. So we have the friendliest customer care advisers ever working 24/7 to answer your queries (on Facebook, Whats App, live chat, email, Instagram… you name it) – getting back to you asap.


At The Best Shuk, we never settle. We have an always testing, ‘always in beta’ philosophy, constantly improving to make it all just that bit better every day. From free delivery and returns to innovative visual search tech, if it hasn’t been done before, we find a way to do it anyway.

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